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Checking and Rechecking to Get it Right

Posted in Recipient reporting by on January 10, 2011
Top 5 Fields Changed During QA: 1: Number of Jobs; 2: Quarterly Activities; 3: Description of Jobs Created; 4: Award Description; 5: Total Amount Expended.

Top 5 Fields Changed During Extended QA

When recipients reported for the very first time in October 2009, unforeseen problems with both the process and the data came to light. The recipients’ reports appeared riddled with errors: for instance, Congressional Districts didn’t match to the recipients’ zip codes.

Improving the quality of the data and ensuring its integrity are priorities of the Recovery Board so immediate steps were taken to prevent potential errors in the next reporting cycles. Logic checks and warning alerts were added to where recipients file reports; in addition, the Board extended the period of time when recipients and federal agencies can review reports for accuracy and the recipients can correct them.

After the data is published on on January 30, recipients and federal agencies will have approximately six weeks before the next reporting cycle in April to continue an in-depth quality assurance process. Recipients can view their reports and make corrections and changes if necessary. And, Federal agencies can review their award recipients’ reports and notify the recipients of needed changes and corrections.

After some analysis of previous quarters’ data, the Board found that the data field most often changed by recipients is the number of jobs they have reported to be funded under Recovery. Other frequent changes are in amounts awarded to recipients and sub-recipients. Changed Reports reflect data changes for previous quarters.

As recipients amend their reports, the revised data is displayed on at two-week intervals.

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