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You’ve Filed a Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Complaint – Where Does It Go?

Posted in Accountability by on October 27, 2011

InspectorsGeneralSealYou’ve notified the Recovery Board that you suspect fraud, waste and abuse involving a Recovery project.  What happens to your complaint?

The Board’s fraud analysts review every complaint received. First, they try to determine if, in fact, Recovery funds are involved and, if so, which federal agency issued the award.

The analysts then focus on the company or companies involved, looking for information that may not have been apparent or available to government officials when the award was issued. Analysts also check whether any company has a criminal history or has ever been debarred from working with the government.

When all possible information has been gathered and analysts have determined the allegation is substantive, a report is sent to the Inspector General of the agency that issued the award; the Board will follow up with the IG until the complaint has been reviewed and/or the matter closed.

You may or may not be contacted by the Inspector General’s office. That might be due to the sheer volume of complaints received or because you provided all information needed. In either case, your complaint is treated seriously.

VIDEO: Who’s Tracking the Money

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  1. Chester J. Pawlak said, on October 27, 2011 at 10:53 am

    To whom it may concern. Thank you for sending me a reply. I hope that this facebook message is about my complaint. If it is, I would like to thank you. I was thinking that maybe on the Interstate systems, we could put down a top coat of cement instead of pavement. I really do not know wether it would be better, but I believe it would last longer than blacktop. I think it would be the closest to the original shape that the interstates were to start, since the interstates are made out of cement and then take the blacktop and repave the secondary roads. That would put to companies back to work instead of just one. Well, that’s what I think. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Chester J. Pawlak

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