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Why There Might Not be a Dot on a Map

Posted in Recipient reporting, Recovery Projects/Awards by on January 26, 2011

Under Section 1512 of the Recovery Act, most prime and sub-recipients of Recovery awards are required to report quarterly on the status of their awards. But, there are some recipients who have received Recovery awards who are not required to report. Recipients that fall into this category are:

  • Recipients of loan or grant awards less than $25,000
  • Individuals receiving direct payments, such as the one-time $250 payment
  • Recipients of Small Business Loan guarantees, such as the Penny Ice Creamery in Santa Cruz, California that received a SBA Loan. (Recipients of 100 percent guaranteed loans awards through the Federal Financing Bank are required to report.)
  • Recipients of USDA’s Single Family Housing Loan awards
  • Recipients of housing vouchers funded under the Recovery Act by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Recipients who do not fall into one of the categories above are required to report. If they have not, they will appear on the Non-Compliers list.

Checking and Rechecking to Get it Right

Posted in Recipient reporting by on January 10, 2011
Top 5 Fields Changed During QA: 1: Number of Jobs; 2: Quarterly Activities; 3: Description of Jobs Created; 4: Award Description; 5: Total Amount Expended.

Top 5 Fields Changed During Extended QA

When recipients reported for the very first time in October 2009, unforeseen problems with both the process and the data came to light. The recipients’ reports appeared riddled with errors: for instance, Congressional Districts didn’t match to the recipients’ zip codes.

Improving the quality of the data and ensuring its integrity are priorities of the Recovery Board so immediate steps were taken to prevent potential errors in the next reporting cycles. Logic checks and warning alerts were added to where recipients file reports; in addition, the Board extended the period of time when recipients and federal agencies can review reports for accuracy and the recipients can correct them.

After the data is published on on January 30, recipients and federal agencies will have approximately six weeks before the next reporting cycle in April to continue an in-depth quality assurance process. Recipients can view their reports and make corrections and changes if necessary. And, Federal agencies can review their award recipients’ reports and notify the recipients of needed changes and corrections.

After some analysis of previous quarters’ data, the Board found that the data field most often changed by recipients is the number of jobs they have reported to be funded under Recovery. Other frequent changes are in amounts awarded to recipients and sub-recipients. Changed Reports reflect data changes for previous quarters.

As recipients amend their reports, the revised data is displayed on at two-week intervals.

Recipient Reporting Questions

Posted in Recipient reporting by on December 13, 2010

If you are a recipient of a Recovery Act award and you have questions about reporting, go to Most answers to your questions can be found in the User Guide on the Download page. If you can’t find the answer there, a call to the Help Desk at (877) 508-7386 is your next step. has some basic information; below, you’ll find answers to the top questions that come in to through Feedback:

Q: We’ve received a Recovery award and don’t know if we have to report.
A: You should contact your awarding agency for reporting details.

Q: We reported in the last reporting cycle and want to make changes to that report. Can we?
A: Check the home page for the time periods when you can make changes.

Q: How do we link two reports?
A: Chapter 10 of the User Guide provides the directions.

Q: The information about an award appears “incorrect” on
A: The problem is most probably a “linking” issue. Contact the Help Desk.

Q: When are we required to report?
A: Recipients report in the 10 days following the close of the calendar quarter – Jan. 1-10; April 1-10; July 1-10; Oct. 1-10. In some instances, the reporting cycle may be extended so check the current quarter’s schedule posted on


Jan 1-10                      Reporting Cycle

Jan 11-14                    Extended Reporting Cycle

Jan 15                         Recipient Review

Jan 16-29                    Agency Review

Jan 31-Feb 21            Continuous Quality Assurance — Period 1

Feb 22                        Office of Management and Budget Review

Feb 23                         Period 1 Data Published on

Feb 24-Mar 7               Continuous QA – Period 2

Mar 8                            Office of Management and Budget Review

Mar 9                            Period 2 Data Published on

Mar 10-21                    Continuous QA – Period 3

Mar 22                          Office of Management and Budget Review


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