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Recovery Act Funds Volcano Monitoring

Posted in Agency News by on May 25, 2011

USGS LogoThe U.S. Geological Survey has received $15.2 million in Recovery Act funding to modernize the monitoring networks and warning systems at five different volcano observatories in Alaska, Washington, Hawaii, California, and Yellowstone National Park.  These funds will be used to replace aging analog seismic instruments with digital instruments that record a broader range of data. Improvements will also be made to the transmission systems that send data from volcanoes to the observatories for analysis.

To learn more about how Recovery funds are helping improve volcano monitoring visit the Department of the Interior’s website.

Meet the Board – Mary L. Kendall

Posted in Accountability by on April 11, 2011
Mary Kendall

Acting IG for the Department of the Interior, Mary L. Kendall

Mary Kendall spent much of her career as an attorney for Federal law enforcement programs and as a State and Federal prosecutor. She joined the Federal workforce in 1986 as an attorney for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of General Counsel. In 1990, she transferred to its Office of Criminal Enforcement, where she served for 9 years. Ms. Kendall became Deputy Inspector General at the Department of the Interior in the fall of 1999. She played an instrumental role in transforming the Office of Inspector General into an innovative organization dedicated to detecting Departmental fraud, waste, and mismanagement. As Acting Inspector General, she has continued improving the way in which the OIG conducts business.


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