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Project Spotlight – High Speed Internet Improvements in Eastern Colorado

Posted in Recovery Projects/Awards by on November 1, 2011

Recipient: Plains Cooperative Telephone Association, Inc.

Award Amount: $1,672,080

The recipient reported that these Recovery funds would be used to:

  • Update facilities to offer high speed internet to 13 remote communities in Eastern Colorado.

The majority of this proposed funded service area is farm and ranch land. Within the area there are 1,096 households, 272 businesses, and 42 critical community facilities including 5 schools, 1 medical facility, 10 public safety entities, 4 community support organizations, and 22 government facilities. The project will cover 1,974 square miles (an area larger than the state of Delaware) with 1,000 miles of fiber optic cable.

The recipient reported that as of 9/30/2011:

  • Engineering and tabulations on the Eastern half of the project were almost finalized
  • The contract for the IP routing equipment was approved, ordered, delivered and is in the process of being installed
  • Negotiations with the chosen equipment vendor have been completed
  • Boring of the state highways on the Western half of the project has started
  • Fiber is scheduled to be shipped the third week in November
  • Construction is set to begin the first week in December

Project Status: Less than 50% complete

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